Forever A True Couple To The Day

There are generally people in everyone’s life who seem to have been together forever, and they are not always the oldest people in the family or group. Sometimes there are children, born around the same time, have played together as they grow and then date. They know each other best of all, and they eventually marry and start a family. No one in their circle believes they will ever be with anyone else, and they might be right about that.

Growing up together

When a group of people grow up together, they have a large stockpile of shared memories. They often see things in the same ways, and their values are rock solid. Rather than seeking support from others, they simply know how their friends and family will support them on any occasion or crisis that arises. For them, there is comfort and companionship within their tight circle. Two people from different families growing up in this environment are often compatible in many ways.

The compatible outsider

Not all children grow up together from birth, but there are times when a new family might move into the area when the children are still young. Their memories of their earliest days are long forgotten, and it seems as if two of them pair off rapidly. Staying together as a couple throughout the years is their only goal, and they have plans to spend the rest of their lives as spouses. These two will often share a common dream of what their future will be like, and they plan out their family and living arrangements long before they are old enough to make them a reality.

The old couple

Neighbourhoods are often populated by people around the same ages, but family neighbourhoods generally appear to have at least old couple who are retired. Their children have long flown away from the nest, but they have chosen to remain in their home rather than downsizing to an apartment or townhouse. For them, the life they built together in their own home is the place they want to spend their remaining years. To everyone else in the neighbourhood, they are the old couple who have been with each other for centuries.

The compatibility factor

One thing all these couples have in common is the compatibility factor, and it supports their choice to remain together. They often see their choices are wide open, but they simply prefer to be with the person they have already chosen. They know how their spouse will react in almost any situation, and they find comfort in knowing they have the support and love they need to get through any situation. Their compatibility allows them to bypass the difficult adjustments many couples face when they first get together.

It would be nice if every person had the opportunity to be part of a couple that has been or will be together forever, but not all people are quite that lucky. Those who do find someone compatible will have the opportunity to get to know their spouse and eventually become the happy old couple who will spend the remainder of their days with the love of their choice.